Only the yambo run levels are hardcoded in yambopy. This means that any new variable in yambo can be immediately used from yambopy without needing to add new variables to the yambopy python code.


Read, write, create and manipulate yambo input files with python.

The class can be initialized in two ways:
  • Specifying the run levels: yambopy will run yambo, read the generated input file and initialize the class with the variables
  • Without run levels: just initialize the class and then the user can specify the variables in the script
from yambopy import YamboIn

yi = YamboIn.from_runlevel('-b -o b -k sex -y d',folder='tutorial')

#set some variables
yi['FFTGvecs'] = [15,'Ry']
yi['NGsBlkXs'] = [1,'Ry']
yi['BndsRnXs'] = [1,30]

#print the input file in the terminal
print yi

#this will write the file on the hard drive

Keep in mind that the run levels are hardcoded in yambopy this means that each new run level has to be added to the _runlevels list in the YamboIn() class.

An interesting feature of the YamboIn() class is the optimize() function that helps to make convergence tests. After you defined the all the relevant variables for the yambo input file you might want to run the code several times changing some of them to see how the final result changes. Using the initialization above you can use the following code to see how the results change as you use more strict convergence parameters:

conv = { 'FFTGvecs': [[10,15,20],'Ry'],
         'NGsBlkXs': [[5,10,20], 'Ry'],
         'BndsRnXs': [[1,10],[1,20],[1,30]] }

def run(filename):
    folder = filename.split('.')[0]
    os.system('yambo -F %s -J %s'%(filename,folder))



This class is used to read the output files of a typical yambo calculation and pack the results in a .json file for posterior analysis using YamboAnalyser. Currently we save the o- data and the input file that is written at the end. YamboOut() also tries to get information about the positions of the atoms and lattice from the SAVE directory. This is only possible if you have netCDF4 support in your python installation.

from yambopy import YamboOut

yo = YamboOut('tutorial')

#print the output file in the terminal
print yo


This class is used to read the .json files generated with YamboOut() and plot them.

from yambopy import YamboAnalyser

ya = YamboAnalyser('tutorial')
ya.plot_bse() #for the case of a bse calculation
ya.plot_gw() #for the case of a gw calculation

#print loaded files in the terminal
print ya